Packing and Moving Tips from Bay Area Movers

As Bay Area leaders in long distance moving and storage, the team here at Movers n’ Shakers understands how to keep big moves stress-free, on-budget and on-scope. Here are four tips we’ve collected over the years.

long distance moving and storage bay area1. Invest more time in planning than you think you should.

Most of us are not born to be Project Managers. Our plans go off-scope, over-budget and off-deadline. To hedge against problems, invest time thinking through the pre-moving logistics. Research moving methods, and do a meticulous inventory of your stuff. Undoubtedly, the time you invest in good planning will pay off in lots of time saved on the back end.

2. Chose the right packing materials/logistics.

Chose boxes that will be durable and strong enough to make a cross-country journey. Figure out how you’ll move, when you’ll move, and what logistics you’ll need to move your possessions. For instance, you might want to drive cross country and take personal effects (such as a trunk) with you. Or you might want to a hire a full service moving company to move the bulk of your possessions. Here at Movers N Shakers, we provide you with the boxes and other accoutrements so you don’t have to buy any.

3. Make a conscious decision about everything that you’re going to take.

Some experts advise you to “pack tight” – that is to pare down your possessions before the move. But that’s not as important as making a decision about every item you own. Spend at least a minute or two thinking about whether you should save or toss each piece of “stuff.” Get clear about the total inventory of your belongings. This makes getting your free quote from residential movers like us a whole lot easier.

4. Lastly, find great partners to help you make the move seamless and cost effective.

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