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Tips for a Last-Minute Move

Preparing for a move isn’t rocket science but it can be stressful. Most often, it can take a couple of weeks or more to get everything ready for your big moving day. But what happens if you just realized you don’t have a couple of weeks to prepare?

Life has a way of throwing surprise curveballs. For example, you may have just found out you need to move right away — as in now. Or, maybe unexpected work or family commitments got in the way of your organizing and packing plans. Whatever the reason, don’t panic if you suddenly discover you don’t have much time to prepare for your move. Here are a few simple steps for a stress-free last-minute move:

Research the Best Bay Area Moving Companies

To ensure your move is a stress-free success, locate and book an experienced and reputable moving company. Although last-minute moves can seem a bit overwhelming, Bay Area moving companies are trained to handle unexpected challenges and can help make your moving process a whole lot easier. They know how to help keep your move on track when your moving deadline is tight.

Ask People You Know for Help

When you don’t have much time, reaching out to friends and family for a helping hand is a smart move since everybody can pitch in and get the job done quickly. To keep your crew motivated and productive, turn on the tunes, provide some tasty foods and beverages and keep the mood light.

Set Aside the Basics 

Before your helpers arrive, pack a box or bag with items that you normally use each day, and that will travel with you rather than with the movers. For example, include medications, phone chargers, a few towels and toiletries like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, a hairbrush. And, don’t forget to include enough clothing for a couple of days.

Lighten the Load

Quickly set aside unwanted or unneeded items to throw out or donate to charities. Getting rid of items beforehand can make packing go much faster. It can also save space in the moving truck and give your new home a fresh, uncluttered look and feel.

Time Saving Steps

Since time is of the essence, forget about implementing a highly-structured packing system. Instead, just make sure every boxable item is packed safely in a box. It doesn’t matter what goes in each box as long as it fits. To save time, don’t bother labeling boxes unless they contain something fragile.

Movers Can Lend a Hand

If you totally run out of time, moving and storage companies in the Bay Area can help you in numerous ways. For a small fee, they can do just about anything to streamlining your move, from wrapping your valuable artwork to helping you pack.

Need Help With A Last-Minute Move?

Movers N Shakers is a professional moving and storage company that can help with all your last-minute moving needs. Contact us for a free moving quote and to hear how we can ensure your move is a stress-free success when you don’t have a lot of time.