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Long Distance moves can be stressful, and not just because of new jobs, schools and people in your new destination. They can also create uncertainty about making sure your possessions successfully make it from one geographic point to another. Hiring good San Ramon movers can help. You have enough to worry about adding “what if something happens to my stuff?” to your list of concerns.

You can reduce some of the fears of things breaking or going missing by getting to know the company you’re planning to hire for the big move. Whether the long distance moving companies are Bay Area or East Coast in origin, there are things you can learn about them.  

  • Get everything in writing. With so many variables, it’s easy for details to be forgotten or misinterpreted. Writing things down and verifying them with the moving company is a great way to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Learn more about the new destination ahead of time. Only having an address and maybe a photo could cause problems when the moving truck shows up ready to unload. Looking into more details can help the move go off without a hitch. It also provides more exact data for mileage.
  • Get a home inspection. Even better than scouting out the moving conditions, order at least one home inspection before relocating. These can often be done virtually. This can help discover any problems ahead of time that can keep you from being able to take possession and start unloading. Extra delays while flaws are taken care of could cost your moving company – and ultimately you – money while everyone waits. Or you might have to scramble for temporary storage.
  • Have everything packed and ready to go on moving day. Movers will also want to know if there are challenges that could slow down or complicate their effort to get your possessions out and moving in the right direction. Unexpected slow-downs can put the whole project behind and increase your overall costs.
  • Come up with a list of any unique items that need extra attention. Long distance movers in the Bay Area will make sure that every item is handled well. But clients should identify possessions that can be considered unusual, such as antique or oversized furniture, family heirlooms, or more priceless items. A moving company may need to take extra effort to secure these.

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