Moving tips: Downsizing Your Home

how to downsize your home

When moving homes, one of the biggest challenges you face involves downsizing and making sure what goes into the space you have is necessary. You will find that there are many things you have lugged around for the last five years but play no role in your life at all. It is important that resources are directed only at what is useful and that no unnecessary energy is expended on things that do not come to use in the new home.

Here is a little help when it comes to downsizing:

1.) Start out early

The moving process is going to be hectic, so getting a head start will do plenty of good. If possible, start out three months early and make sure to rifle through closets, boxes and cabinets. Paper is the biggest form of clutter, so look through documents you don’t need and do away with 10-year-old piles of newspapers.

2.) Put it down on paper

At times, you find yourself with a difficult decision to make. There are things you get used to over time and some of them only serve a sentimental purpose but have no real application in life. If you are finding the choice difficult to make, get pen and paper. List what you need at the top end of your notebook and put down what you do not need at the bottom of the page.

3.) Ask yourself the tough questions

Downsizing is all about choice. Take some time to think in terms of: What do I really need to move out with? Are there things I can live without? Is there a possibility that some of the things I have in here will be available at the new environment ?What about trinkets I have hung on to for a decade? Is it the time they went out the front door?

4.) Compare the new with the old

To get a good picture on how to downsize, take a look at your new home. Which of the rooms are smaller? Do you need more in the bedroom that you will in the sitting room? What about the size of the new closes vis-avis the old one?

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