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It’s a Seller’s Market

It’s definitely a seller’s housing market in almost every part of the US. If you’re coming into the Bay area or moving out of the area, you’ll be heavily competing with other buyers to get the home you want. Don’t let the competition discourage you from finding your dream home. You can get a competitive edge with our tips. We know the area well as leaders in interstate moving and storage in the Bay Area.

Homebuying advice to conquer today’s tough, competitive housing market: 

  • Pre-approval will help open doors: Sellers will pick buyers with reliable funds over others who may have a financing contingency in their offer. Sellers don’t want to risk the buyer pulling out of the deal if they cannot get an acceptable mortgage after making an offer on the home. You may have an edge over a higher offer with your “guaranteed” funding.
  • Start with a low mortgage rate: Let today’s record low home mortgage rates give you some leverage to get the home you want. A great rate will make it easier to afford a higher offer. Later, when you’re ready to make the move to your new home, let our experienced Castro Valley moving company make your relocation stress-free. 
  • Choose the right real estate expert: You’ll want to work with an agent who has experience in the area and in hot housing markets. These agents will know all the best strategies to help you obtain the home you desire. They know how much you should offer and how to best present your offer. Your agent may even have a pocket listing or two, which could put you ahead in the competition to buy. 
  • Look great to sellers: Get attention in a crowded market with a pre-approved mortgage. Consider offering earnest money upfront to the buyer and waiving contingencies. This allows the seller to close at a convenient time for them. Some sellers will be charmed by a personal letter that introduces you and lets them know why you love the home. 
  • Wait for a buyer’s market: If you have the luxury of some time to find your new house, you might consider waiting it out. More homes may come on the market when the epidemic is stamped out. Greater economic stability will encourage potential home sellers (who’ve been hesitating) to finally list their homes. Towards the year’s end, when kids are back in school and weather turns colder, you may find more houses for sale, including some newly-constructed homes, and fewer buyers to compete with you. 

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Here at Movers N’ Shakers, your Bay Area moving and storage leader, we hope these tips will help in your home search. Good luck! And be sure to contact us for expert help with all your upcoming moving and storage needs. We offer worldwide relocation services.