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Danville Movers Help You Decide if Danville is Right For You

San Francisco’s housing market is notorious for high prices. Danville, a community just 30 miles east of SF, is a suburban alternative to the urban jungle. It has a small-town neighborhood feel, with only 43,000 residents. If you’re considering a move to the San Francisco area, make sure to connect with Danville movers who can get you into your new home quickly.

Danville’s Local Attractions

Although San Francisco is close, you never have to leave Danville for shopping, entertainment, or activities. With 14 parks, a thriving downtown area with plenty of restaurants, and a great library, you can find all sorts of things to do to meet your neighbors and become part of life in this small town. Danville has been part of California life since the Gold Rush, so you can explore local history or visit museums to expand your knowledge.

Urban Amenities Close By

San Francisco is just 30 miles away, so it’s close enough to take in its atmosphere without having to stay overnight. Whether you enjoy professional sports, historic sites, architecture, or the ocean, you’re close enough to take part. Napa Valley is just an hour’s drive. Yosemite is a half-day’s drive. You’re not far from Sacramento. The best Bay Area moving companies can help you get moved efficiently so you have more time to explore the new community.

Great Schools

You’ll find both public and private schools in Danville that have excellent ratings. They’re academically challenging with lots of activities to go along with classes. Schools are close, so kids won’t have long commutes. Houses are bigger, so kids have space to have fun when school’s out with their friends.


San Francisco tends to be cool and wet most of the year. Danville’s weather is more pleasant with a cool season that has an average high of 59F. From June to October, it does get hotter, but even July’s highest average temperatures rarely get above 80F. February is the wettest month with about 8 days of rain.

Danville Movers Are Here to Help!

Danville is in the heart of San Ramon, where you’ll have many different homes, including luxury real estate, to choose from. Contact San Ramon movers to make your plans to move to Danville.