Oakland Moving Company

Looking for a New Place to Live?

When you want the convenience of big-city living and the ideal weather of California, deciding where to move can be challenging. San Francisco is probably the first major city that comes to mind, but have you considered the many benefits of living in Oakland? As an established Oakland moving company, we offer several reasons to consider this city in the Bay Area as opposed to San Francisco.

Cost of Living is Lower

Not everyone enjoys living with a roommate, but it is practically a necessity in San Francisco where the average rent is $3,590 per month. Oakland’s average monthly rent is nearly one-third that amount at $1,114. You can still have a roommate if you want to split costs, but the affordability of Oakland apartments gives you greater flexibility in your living arrangements.

Use Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) to Visit San Francisco without Having to Live There

BART services the entire Bay Area, including San Francisco and Oakland. Commuting between the two cities is safe and affordable, which is ideal if you happen to work in San Francisco. The average commute time between the two large cities is just 13 minutes. BART is so reliable that you do not even need to own a car if you prefer not to.

Close to Several Other California Hot Spots

Whether you need to catch a plane at Oakland International Airport or visit other major cities a few hours away, living in Oakland is convenient. Our company, which offers interstate moving and storage Bay Area, has moved people from Sacramento, San Jose, Berkeley, and more. On days when you just want to go for a drive, get on the Pacific Coast Highway and see all the beautiful sites that California has to offer.

Enjoy Outdoor Adventures All Year Long

Even when factoring in winter, the average daily temperature in Oakland is between 50 and 60 degrees all year long. This gives you the opportunity to hike, go bike riding, go surfing, and enjoy many other activities that are only possible in warm weather. If you are new to the Bay Area, be sure to visit Lake Merrit in Oakland to see a well-maintained lagoon in the middle of the city.

Looking for a Great Oakland Moving Company?

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