Advice for Choosing a Professional Moving Company

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Moving scams have been on the rise lately, ripping off homeowners across the nation. These despicable scammers engage in a variety of dubious tactics, such as charging way more than the original quote at the end of the job without justification or delivering personal items that are missing components or damaged. Last year, authorities received over nine thousand complaints of scams like these. If you’re moving in the near future, keep an eye out for signs that the moving company might not be above par.  As an AMSA certified packing and moving company, here are some moving tips we recommend keeping in mind while hiring professional movers:

Lack of Quality. When researching a moving company, pay attention to the quality of its customer service. A curt phone representative who avoids answering questions is a definite red flag. Likewise, a website that looks old or that doesn’t function correctly might be a sign of the company’s laziness, lack of resources or lack of commitment to quality.

Quoting without Calculation or Consultation. Packing and moving companies need to know how much stuff you have in order to provide you with an accurate estimate. A company that gives you a quote without requesting home size, room count, and specifics on the amount of furniture and belongings to be packed and moved should be immediately questioned. Some moving companies offer on online calculator to asses the amount of movers needed for the job and which size truck needs to be sent on the job. If you under-calculate your belongings, packing could take longer than expected, which means you’ll possibly pay more than you were originally quoted.

Lack of Documentation. The best moving companies license and certify movers under industry standards. Check the website, and ask representatives about the certifications the movers hold. Otherwise, skepticism is warranted.

Moving and Packing Should be Hassle-Free

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