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Planning an Office Move?

There’s plenty of advice out there for homeowners planning a move, and most of it generally concludes with “let professionals help rather than doing it yourself.” The reasons make sense. For instance, pros have more skills in moving and packing. And they can save you wear and tear on your bodies – and maybe your relationships.

But there’s less advice for businesses that need help moving, whether it’s to a nearby location, a larger distance, or a downsize. Any of them can be a big undertaking.

Luckily, the advice from many office movers in the Bay Area say the same thing: go with the professionals when possible. Here’s why:

Why Choose Bay Area Office Movers

  1. Familiarity with the logistics. Moving an office can be different than a home, in terms of size and scale. Getting from Point A to Point B with perhaps a temporary storage area in between) includes packing up the first stop perfectly and then making sure things are unpacked in the exact arrangement at the next stop. Down sizing also helps. 
  2. Quick and Efficient Move. In many cases, businesses want the move to be as smooth and as fast as possible. They’ll look for the office moving companies in the Bay Area so they can get things up and running fast and can minimize as much disruption as possible. Taking longer than expected or problems setting things up can literally make a usually productive company lose money.
  3. Keep people focused on their jobs. Sure, many job descriptions do include duties like “be able to lift items under 20 pounds occasionally,” this is different than making the staff move all the boxes during moving day. Unless your employer is freight-related, most employees would rather focus on their prime duties (like making the company money!) rather than moving. Plus, any injuries incurred by employees drafted into moving could lead to time off or even workers comp claims.
  4. Understanding of furnishing/moving process. Homes can be trick in their design when trying to bring in something like a bed or couch. But a workplace may have even larger items like file cabinets, computers, and desks. Along with being bulky, many of these fixtures are heavy.
  5. Storage options. A Castro Valley moving and storage company could be a good idea especially if an organization isn’t comfortable having to get a lot of their items into a small space. Professional movers can figure out the best way to sort and be ready for the next move.

Choose One of the Best Bay Area Office Moving Companies

Companies considering a move or a downsize in the near future will benefit from suggestions from Movers N Shakers.  They can answer your questions as well as provide an estimate.