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Office Moving Checklist from Bay Area Movers

If you’re planning to make a commercial move, you need to get it done smoothly and in the shortest time possible. How do you do that? Here are some tips to move your office in time and without going over budget:

1. Plan early

Regular commercial relocation should be planned at least 5 to 6 months in advance. Large moves can take up to 2 years of planning. With proper planning and hiring a professional mover, that time can be cut down significantly.

2. Go with commercial movers

Hire a professional Bay Area office relocation service. Obviously, because you don’t have the workforce and other resources to do everything yourself. Hiring professionals will help the process go more smoothly and take much of the stress of the office.

3. Check insurance

Ensure that your moving company has insurance because almost all office buildings need it.

4. Schedule the move in advance

Don’t forget to schedule the move, preferably during non-office hours. The best time to move an office is over the weekend. Make sure your employees are aware of the dates and what is expected of them well in advance. Also make sure that your customers know you are moving and how to get ahold of you after the move. This will help alleviate concerns of if your move will affect them.

5. Check other requirements

Ask the building owner if there are any limitations you are subjected to, such as limited, part-time, floor covering, etc. to be on the safer side.

6. Keep your employees informed

Be sure to talk to your employees well in advance so that they can prepare themselves for the big move. Being clear on expectations is a big stress reliever in the long run.

7. Make a list

Make a list of the things that will require a change of address. Printed materials like envelopes, business cards, stationery are the most common. Again, be sure let your customers know well in advance how to get ahold of you after the move. Make sure to put in a change of address with the post-office to ensure your mail gets forwarded.

8. Announce

Announce the move well ahead of time! This tip cannot be understated.

9. Hire a moving manager

Hiring a Bay Area moving company might set you back a couple of hundred dollars but it will save you a lot of time and headache. You, your office manager and employees already have full time jobs. While they will be helping during the move, having someone whose job is to focus on managing your moving, packing and relocation is well worth the cost.

10. Ask for help

If you need help with packing, ask the moving company in advance if they can do it. Many moving companies offer this service.

11. Delegate

Make every department take an inventory of the items to be moved and make sure each person is aware of their role and the expectations you have of them. Be clear on how to label each box in the same manner so that opening up boxes on the other side is efficient and goes quickly.

12. Confirm before moving

Make sure the new building is ready for business by speaking with the business manager.

13. Find out HVAC status

Inquire if heat or AC will be on when you move in, because some office buildings keep them turned off by default.

14. Handle the plants

Office movers usually do not take the responsibility of moving plants, so you need to figure out another way to transport them, i.e. an employee or manager’s vehicle.

15. Give time to employees

If you’re moving over the weekend, give your employees some time to get their stuff together ahead of time and labeled correctly for easy location at the new office.

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16. Have two managers

If possible, have one manager at the origin and another at your destination overlooking the move. If you hire a professional moving manager, have that manager on one side and your current office manager on the other to decide where everything needs to go. This is really where labeling your boxes will count.

17. Check the data cabling

Ensure all data cabling is tested before the IT team comes to set up equipment, disconnect and reconnect services.

18. IT first

If you’re moving IT equipment, unload those first so that the team can get on setting up the network immediately and other equipment quickly. Having employees sitting around while waiting for this to happen is a big time and money waster.

19. Find an “art hanger.”

If you have a lot of academic credentials or artwork to hang, hiring a professional to do the job would be a great idea!

20. Forward your mails

Last but not least, forward all your mail to reach the new office using the appropriate service provider.

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