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How do you ensure a smooth, trouble-free, and hassle-free relocation? You need to contact a competent, trustworthy, andĀ reliable moving company in the Bay Area that has excellent organizational skills when it comes to planning and executing a successful move. However, in order to speed up the moving process and avoid delays on moving day, you need to prepare well before your movers arrive. Not sure about what to do before the movers arrive? Keep reading and we reveal eight important things that can actually save your time and minimize the risks of unwanted problems, damages, and setbacks.

Eight Important Things to Consider Before The Movers Show Up


1. Declutter and Purge Your Home

Before the movers arrive, please make sure to declutter and purge your home and its belongings. Sort out the available belongings and sell/donate them (if they are no longer useful anymore). In this way, it will save both your time (i.e. the time required for packing) and money (i.e. incurred expense to ship the unused belongings).

2. Remember, Everything Can’t Be Moved

Being one of the most reputableĀ packing and moving companies in Bay Area, Movers N Shakers can help you carefully pack and ship your costly and delicate assets and belongings. However, certain items like hazardous materials and perishable food can’t be moved, such as chemicals, car batteries, paint, charcoal, flammable, explosive, and corrosive items etc.

3. Create an Inventory

Create an elaborative inventory that should include all the items which you’ve planned to move. This inventory will come extremely handy for you and the movers when it comes to organizing and packing the stuff.

4. Pre-pack Small Items

This is another excellent tip where you’re recommended to pre-pack the small items in tidy and sealable bags. Otherwise, those small belongings may get lost or scattered during the shipping/transportation process.

5. Use Labeling

Use labeling, color-codes, or specific instructions to costly and fragile items that need to be handled with special care. Label all boxes with a short list of what is inside the box. This will help greatly in the new house when deciding what to unpack first or when you are looking for a specific item.

6. Separate Items

List out those items that you want to carry separately, for example, personal documents, assets, valuables (jewelry/artwork/special collection), and electronic devices (like laptop, tablet, and smartphone). Put them all in an “essentials box” so that you have your most important items with you at all times.

7. Double Check Everything

Before the movers arrive, please double check everything in order to ensure that no important item is left behind. Inspect the following areas of your homestead for one last time, such as the basement, garage, attic, kitchen countertops, and bathroom as we often tend to unintentionally leave belongings in these places.

8. Carry Bags & Extra Supplies

Carry some extra bags, boxes, bubble wraps, and packing tapes for any last-minute emergency.

If you follow the aforementioned eight tips, then you should be perfectly ready for a hassle-free move. By setting the movers up to win, your move will go more quickly and smoothly!

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