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Preparing for a Summer Move?

Summer is a popular time to move. Kids are out of school. It’s easier to take vacation time. The one drawback to moving in the summer – the heat. If you’re planning a move in the next few months, before you contact a Bay Area moving and storage company, check out these five tips that will help you get through it much easier.

  1. Be safe in the heat.
    Whether you’re doing the moving or having a moving company in Hayward handle it, you’ll want to take care of your workers. Keep them hydrated. Have cold towels on hand to help them cool off. Wear light clothing. Use fans to help keep people cool. Don’t forget sunscreen. 
  2. Don’t underestimate the time you need to pack and move.
    Packing will take more time than you think. If you’ve hired movers and packers in the Bay Area to do job, you don’t have to worry. If you’re DIY’ing your move, be realistic about your move. Packing supplies may be in high demand. Stay on your timeline to avoid mistakes. Sell items you don’t need to avoid paying to move them. 
  3. Take care of your pets and kids.
    You’re probably going to have your door open for extended periods while your movers load or unload furniture. It can make sense to have your kids stay with friends and to board your pets to make sure they’re comfortable and safe while the AC is off, and you’re distracted. 
  4. Reserve movers and packers in the Bay Area well in advance.
    Get an early morning time to get the move out of the way before the hot part of the day by planning ahead. By getting the first slot in the day, you won’t be pushed back if another move goes longer than planned. Consider moving on less busy days, like weekdays or in the middle of the month. 
  5. Take Care of Your Belongings
    Some items don’t belong in the heat. Electronics need to be kept cool and out of direct sunlight. Candles and chocolates can melt and cause permanent damage. Your vinyl record collection could be destroyed in the extreme heat. Make sure to plan how to transport things that might be unsafe in the heat. 

Are You Ready to Hire a Bay Area Moving and Storage Company?

A summer move doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Contact MoversNShakers for your free quote on moving services today.