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If you are planning an upcoming move, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed with the amount of packing and furniture moving you’re going to be doing. You also don’t want the furniture getting damaged in the process, so there’s some things you can do help help speed up the process while keeping your belongings safe.

Bay Area movers’ tips for moving furniture

Know what needs to move

The best way to go about this is usually to start by taking an inventory of the items in your possession, determining the amount of time they will take to disassemble, and what procedures can be undertaken prior to the move to ensure things go faster and smoother.

Take measurements of your doorways and hallways

Prior to moving your furniture out of your old home, you have to ensure that everything can fit through the hallways, doorways, stairwells, or elevators. In certain situations, you may have to move them in parts so that they can get out.

Get the right tools and equipment

It goes without saying that you will need tools and equipment to take apart things such as table tops, legs, frames, or doors, just to mention a few. Regardless of what item it’s, the fact still remains that you will need to have the right tools and equipment for the job.

If you don’t plan on dissembling the furniture, be sure to use blankets, bubble wrap or cellophane to cover the fabric, arms, corners and legs of furniture to prevent tears or scratches.

Start taking things apart

When moving out your furniture, it’s usually best that you prepare the pieces that need disassembly first. This particular process is typically the most time-consuming and it therefore ideal that you do it when you still feel a bit energetic.

Making sure things don’t get lost

One of the ways to ensure that things don’t get lost when you are moving is to tape the bags with important components to the underside of larger pieces. Just remember not to secure them to sections that could be damaged when removing the tape.

You should try to secure the assembly instruction manuals for any furniture to the underside for safe-keeping.

Pack whatever you can

This could be anything from removing pillows and cushions and placing them in see-through plastic bags, to wrapping fragile pieces with blankets or bubble wrap. Just remember not to apply tape on finished or painted surfaces.

Start with the heavy furniture

In case you have rented a moving truck, it’s great to start by loading the heavier pieces such as table tops, sofas, dressers, or chests. Hiring the right Bay Area moving company can help you out a lot, too.

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