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Office Moving Planning

The larger the office, the more planning is required to keep business going and to prevent too much downtime. Starting early in the process, long before you even have a location, is the key to a successful move. Office movers in the Bay Area have these tips to make your move less stressful.

Make a Timeline

From finding the new location to taking every last document out of your current office, you will need more time than you think. Give yourself at least three months of preparation if you’re a small office. Double that for medium to large offices. Make sure to schedule your Bay Area office relocation service as early as possible to make sure it meets your timeline.

Know Your Budget

Before you start buying boxes and other equipment, set a budget for your move. Talk to the moving company about what they provide and what you provide. Purchasing boxes in bulk for your move will be less expensive than purchasing a few at a time. Also, the boxes will be uniform in size, making the move a little easier for everyone.

Create Your Moving Team

Ask one person in each department to be responsible for coordinating the move. Assign tasks to each person to get the move handled. Work together to manage potential issues of your timeline and to make sure critical tasks are done on the timeline. Don’t forget to think about common areas, such as reception, lobby and storage. Put one person in charge of each area to make your job a little easier.

Hire Movers

You want to hire a Bay Area moving company that specializes in office moves. Although you may have a staff that could do the move, a moving company has the equipment to make the move less stressful, and the team to lift heavy boxes and furniture. You don’t want one of your team to get injured during the move.

Notify Stakeholders

You’ll need to create a contact list to make sure customers, clients and vendors know how your move will affect their needs and to make sure everyone knows where you’ll be once you finish moving. Start creating this list early so that no one falls through the cracks. Assign one person to contact that list to know it’s been handled.

Hire the Best Office Movers in the Bay Area

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