Tips for Arranging Furniture

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Once movers unload your possessions into your new home, one big challenge you’ll face is how to arrange your furniture.

Since the arrangement of furniture creates a room’s atmosphere, you’ll definitely want to carefully consider your arrangement to correctly set the right atmosphere and mood. But with so many ways to place your furniture, where do you start? These tips will help you arrange furniture successfully and comfortably in your new living space.


Come up with a detailed floor plan
Proper furniture placement requires initial layout planning to bring it to life. So before moving furniture or removing items from the packing boxes, draw a floor plan on paper. Be sure to include such details like windows, doors, and heat registers. Alternatively, you could use a digital planner. Test different furniture configurations to see which one will work better. This will save you time and energy.


Consider function
When planning, think about how you intend to use a room and the number of people that will use it. This will help you figure out the type of furniture you’ll need and how much seating you’ll require.


Create a focal point
Identify the room’s focal point, such as a television, fireplace, or piece of artwork. Attempt to orient the furniture around this feature to direct the eye in that direction. If the TV is your focal point, the ideal distance between it and the seating should be three times the screen size. For example, seating should be about 126 inches away from a 42-inch TV set.


Prioritize large furniture
Think about where your largest furniture, such as sofas and beds, will go then work the smaller ones around them. When positioning a bed, make sure it’s 36 inches away from a swinging door. The side of the bed should be at least 24 inches away from a wall.


Don’t block the flow of traffic
Arranging pieces of furniture in a way that they block doors, windows, and walkways will limit your home’s everyday functionality. Try to direct traffic around seating areas – not through them. Minor traffic routes should be at least 24 inches wide whereas major ones should occupy 30 to 48 inches wide.


Facilitate conversation
When arranging your living room, ensure you don’t place chairs more than 8 feet apart to help encourage conversation. Anchor this conversation grouping with a large coffee table and a rug. Coffee tables should be 14 to 18 inches away from sofas to provide ample legroom.


Float furniture
Placing pieces of furniture along a room’s perimeter creates an extremely stagnant look. Position them three to four inches from the wall. Add a narrow console in that gap to prevent the wall from appearing further away than it really is.


Consider dining dynamics
In the dining room, be sure to leave at least 36 inches between the edges of the table and the wall, allowing traffic to flow smoothly around it. Allow a minimum of 6 inches between dining chairs. Maximize the square footage with a hutch, console, chest of drawers, or sideboard along a wall to provide much-needed storage.


Consider symmetry
There are two types of balance in a room: symmetry and asymmetry. Asymmetry signifies imbalance, such as having chairs of different heights. Symmetry is restful whereas asymmetry adds excitement and visual motion. A symmetrical arrangement works best for a formal room, whereas an asymmetrical layout is ideal if you want to give a room a more casual feeling.

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