Remember to Schedule Internet Service Installation for Your New Home Ahead of Time


In today’s society, internet service is essential for most people, even if you don’t run a Bay Area start up or work virtually. If you’re planning to move out of the area, however, you may find that your options for excellent and fast ISPs are frustratingly limited. Before you call Palo Alto movers like ours, use these tips to find the best internet service provider in your new area.
1. Learn about the types of internet service available.
Depending on where you move, you may have access to fiber-optic internet, satellite internet, cable internet or DSL. Each of these types of service offers different advantages and disadvantages. To find the internet service options in your area, check, once you know what is available you can begin to weigh your options.

2. Compare speeds.
One of the most important aspects of internet service is speed, which is measured in megabits per second (mbps). The higher the mbps, the faster your download speed will be. Don’t schedule an install until you’ve found a provider that offers the best level of speed for your needs. An individual web writer who mostly uses Google and YouTube to browse story ideas will have more modest speed needs than will a business that creates and transmits large multimedia files. Netflix and other video streaming services have become more popular and you will need a certain level of speed to stream movies and shows, you can find Netflix ISP ratings and information to help make sure your provider will provide speeds sufficient for your needs.

3. Compare prices.
Internet service prices can vary considerably. Once you decide on the type of internet service you want and the minimum download speed you can tolerate, compare prices to find the best deal. Schedule installation for a convenient time when you know that you will be able to meet with the installer at your new home, if you are having phone and/or cable installed together they will need to ensure that all desired outlets are working properly and you will want to help them locate the ideal place for any wireless components. Organizing your internet, phone, and cable install before you move ensures that you will be back in business shortly after your moving company arrives to your new home with your furniture and electronics.

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