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Looking to move to or from San Mateo? You’re in the right place. Movers N Shakers World Wide is a team of dedicated San Mateo moving professionals committed to providing best in class customer service. Rated BBB A+, M&M World Wide specialize in residential and office packing, moving and if needed, storage services. Contact us today at 877-797-4253 for a Free moving quote.

Movers N Shakers is one of the top rated moving companies in San Mateo due to our dedication to providing the best moving experience and our commitment to professionalism. We pride ourselves on our great testimonials too! Call us today for FREE quote


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Office moving companies for cubiclesMovers N Shakers is one of the top rated San Mateo office relocation services due to our dedication to providing the best, professional and quick moving experience. We pride ourselves in our special commercial-company relocation service, which includes packing of office equipment, careful handling of office furniture, and post and pre-move planning, as well as  proven techniques to keep your businesses facilities damage free. For commercial moving we offer relocation expense budgeting, including planning to plan your moving needs from start to finish. This insures organized packing, moving and unpacking in an efficient way, insuring minimal down time for your office or store.

Moving to San Mateo.

San Mateo is centrally located in the San Francisco Bay area, ideally situated next to several major freeways, serving as a central point to San Francisco, San Jose and the Eastern San Francisco Bay Area.  Attractions in this thriving suburb include places like CuriOdyssey at Coyote Point. There are green spaces, parks, and a vibrant downtown in San Mateo, making the city a great place to move to! Contact us today using our online form to get your move to or from San Mateo underway.

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