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Moving by yourself may seem like an economical choice, but have you really taken all contingencies into consideration? What if you can’t manage to fit a bulky item, like a beloved couch or dresser, through doorways? What if certain items require special treatment to relocate without damage? Moving companies can advise clients about difficult items and take special care of sensitive pieces during transit.

Challenges of moving and packing in the Bay Area

Here are some of the more difficult items to move:

Televisions. Televisions are delicate, and they should be moved carefully. It doesn’t take much to damage the screen or other components; and moving insurance may not cover the cost of repair. The next time you purchase a TV — even if you don’t think you’re going to move — save the box to make a future move easier.

Pianos. Some pianos are harder to move than others, but many are incredibly heavy. Short and long distance movers may not be able to accommodate your piano moving needs, due to the sheer size and weight of the instrument. Piano moving professionals, on the other hand, have access to cranes; they know the most effective ways to move pianos.

Aquariums. Moving fish can be a catastrophe. Fish don’t handle being jostled, and they don’t change environments very well. If possible, sell or give your current fish away before moving. If you’re determined to move your fish, do some research or ask an aquarium company for tips on moving. They will likely instruct you on how to transport the hardware as well as how to care for the fish in transit. Residential furniture moving companies may only move the aquarium itself, and only after it has been cleaned and dried.

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