Why Bay Area Moving Companies are Busier than Ever


Whether you’re an aggressive Menlo Park entrepreneur who wants to move your company up north to attract “non-industry” talent, or you’re a new parent who wants to raise your children in a vibrant, culturally diverse, gorgeous area of California, the Bay Area might be a great place to relocate. Consider the following four reasons to call Bay Area movers today to get started on your adventure.

1. Silicon Valley.

Headquarters for many of the country’s largest and most successful tech corporations, including Apple and Google (and hundreds of other players), Silicon Valley is the epicenter of America’s IT industry. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur seeking VC funding or a talented software engineer looking for work, the Bay Area has to be on your map.

2. Delightful weather, year round.

The consistently temperate weather in the Bay Area is another reason to call an interstate moving company, especially if you’re sick of the fluctuating temperatures and unpredictable weather patterns of a place like Duluth or Chicago, or you’re bored by the perpetual 72-degrees-and-sunny weather of Los Angeles. Temperatures in the Bay Area rarely fall below 40 or go above 80, regardless of the season.

3. Breathtaking scenery.

Ocean views, rolling green and yellow hills, and the Golden Gate Bridge all beckon visitors. Plus, wine country, Redwoods forests, Yosemite Park and awesome skiing resorts are all within easy reach.

4. Cultural diversity.

The diversity and welcoming atmosphere of the Bay Area is legendary. People from all backgrounds and all creeds call our region home, and all lifestyles are accepted.
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