Advice from Your Bay Area Moving and Storage Company

Moving and Storage Companies Bay AreaBefore you hire residential movers to shuttle your belongings to a new location, you want to prepare effectively. Here are insights to make the packing and moving experience more pleasant and less likely to lead to broken furniture, lost valuables, hurt backs, and needless expenses.

Before you start dealing with logistics, make a list of the principles that you want to govern the move. You may want to contain the cost of the move, finish the process within a certain amount of time, or purge your belongings. You also may have instructions for your moving and storage team. For instance: “don’t break the valuable china,” “make sure not to touch the computer,” “be sure to avoid scratching the delicate living room couch,” etc.

Here’s another useful idea: write down all the projects that are on your mind about the move. Then go through your list, line item by line item, to determine what you need to do about each one. You will probably generate random thoughts in no particular order. For instance:

  • Get moving boxes and tape
  • Turn off the utilities in the old home and turn them on in the new home
  • Back up the computer
  • Pack food and supplies for the next week to be equipped for the unpacking process
  • Write an automated email telling anyone from work that you’ll be moving over the next week and unreachable except for emergencies

Once you’ve compiled a full and complete list that contains all the projects on your mind about the move, you’ll find it much easier to prioritize, intuitively and organically.

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