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best moving company Bay AreaAs a business grows in productivity and size, it eventually needs to grow physically. The decision as to when to make this office move is usually gradual, after months or even a couple of years of push-pull between stability and opportunity. A company that is bursting at the seams with added staff may still be cautious if the economy looks uncertain. A company that senses potential for rapid acceleration, and that has adequate resources for a move, may decide to seize the moment before it becomes too busy to take the time for office moving.

For those fortunate enough to find the perfect supplemental facility next door, it is practically a cinch to expand into the adjoining space. Far more common for a business that simply needs more room or better facilities is to move within the neighborhood or across town. Depending on the type of business, an in-town move typically results in substantial upheaval for a minimum of a week, and that’s with good help from professional office movers.

A successful business may outgrow the town where it started. In this case, moving a business is a major investment. Reasons for seeking a new city in which to base the business fall into three categories: workforce considerations, branding, and cost/profit factors. The company’s directors may look at larger cities or particular regions for the expertise they need to attain a higher level of productivity. In making this decision, they must consider loss of continuity, as some workers choose not to move with the company. This loss may be minimized, though, if the new location offers an attractive quality of life that makes the move a plus for many current employees. From a marketing perspective, branding may be enhanced by a prestigious address. This factor again often competes with the expense of that address. The reverse move occurs as well, when a company relocates to where costs are lower. In some cases, the motivation is not reduced costs, but increased profits brought about by being closer to markets.

Office relocation involves much more than furniture, and it requires careful planning to keep the company functioning as smoothly as possible during the transition. Organization of inventories and files must be maintained, with items needed for immediate use kept accessible. Computers and communications equipment must be packed and labeled with care for safe transport and speedy re-installation. The company’s individual priorities must be kept in view to keep disruption to a minimum. The new location needs to be mapped out with a seating chart and designated spaces for furniture and equipment. Office relocation specialists will work with the company to establish a timeline for the stages of the move, keeping staff confident with a sense of order in the process.

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