These Tips Will Help You Adjust When Moving to a New City


Perhaps you’re contemplating moving up to San Francisco because your Silicon Valley start-up has been expanding beyond your expectations. Or maybe you’re exploring a move out of town to be near your parents. In either case, you’re exhilarated by the prospect of starting over in a new city; at the same time, you’re likely anxious and confused about how to make the transition in a simple, cost effective way. Below are five tips to help you settle and adapt quickly.

1. Do your homework.

Long before you hire residential movers, do plenty of research on your destination. Learn about the neighborhoods, restaurants, grocery stores, parks and any other locations that interest you. For instance, if you’re a chess fanatic, find out where the city’s chess club is. If you’re a jazz bassist who loves to gig out, find out where the art and music districts are.

2. Find a job.
Maybe you’re moving to a new location because you already have a new job. Regardless, be sure to secure yourself financially – and to establish a flexible budget and cash flow plan – before you leave.

3. Find a home.
Thanks to the internet, you can research housing options online and even secure a temporary residence before you move. Consider also planning a trip to your soon-to-be-new city to scout potential homes, especially if you intend to buy.

4. Hire a qualified moving company.
Transporting your belongings to a new city can be a fraught and expensive proposition, especially if you partner with an inexperienced mover. Look for an interstate moving and storage company with appropriate insurance and a track record of success.

5. Socialize.
After your long distance movers have finished their job, and you have settled in, make an effort to meet new people. Sign up for a club, join a yoga class or invite some coworkers over for dinner to begin establishing a new network of friends.

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