Bay Area Moving and Packing Tips

best moving company Bay AreaGetting ready to move into a new home can be an exciting and overwhelming time. Whether you’re moving a couple of blocks down or across the country to (or from) the Bay Area, you want to save time and hassle organizing and packing your possessions.

Fortunately, household packing doesn’t have to become a crisis. Anyone can effectively and efficiently prepare for an upcoming move with a few simple techniques, including:

  • Create a binder. Each divider in a moving binder should represent a different element of the process, including one for businesses (such as moving companies and realtors) and furniture floor plans.
  • Out with the old. Sift through all your possessions and carefully consider which ones you should donate, discard, or sell. The fewer the items you include, the lighter the load, physically and emotionally! So: “when in doubt, throw it out!”
  • Organize. If movers will be packing your items, make sure the items will get to the right places by labeling them and pre-sorting them according to an effective system.
  • Prioritize. Communicate with movers regarding which items you’ll need the soonest, so they can pack them last and unload them first.
  • Establish a no-pack zone. Create a space movers know not to pack from (the bathtub is a good option) and place any items you’ll need during your trip in that place.

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