After your Bay Area moving company has left, what do you do? Here’s a 8 step guide of what to do immediately after move in.

The moving company has left, and boxes are everywhere. It’s time to unpack and make this house your home. Before you get too settled, make your life easier by managing these eight tasks:what to do after move in

1. Record the condition of your new home or apartment.

If you’re renting, this process may help you get your deposit back. For home owners, you may want to show property damage that wasn’t present during the walk-through, so you can have the previous owners bear the financial responsibilities for the repairs.

2. Check boxes and belongings.

Make sure nothing was lost or damaged during the move. You have a specific amount of time to make a claim with the packing and moving company; so don’t wait.

3. Learn when “trash day” is in your neighborhood.

Visit community websites or speak with neighbors to learn when to leave your trash out for pickup. If you have a homeowners association, check if they have specific rules regarding where your trash must be placed and the type of containers to be used.

4. Update the home security systems.

Always change the locks, but also reset passcodes for alarm system or key-pad locks on garages to keep you and your belongings safe.

5. Get a new driver’s license, and register your car.

If you’ve moved to a new state, you will need a new driver’s license, and you will have to register your car. Most states have specific time frames regarding how long you have to accomplish these tasks. Check county and state websites to learn about these time frames as well as what identification items you need to bring with you to avoid hassles, and tickets, later.

6. Paint now rather than later.

You’re tired and stressed by the move, and painting is probably the last thing on your mind. However, get this chore done now, while your household items are still in boxes and the furniture is shoved to one side.

7. Review your credit reports.

Whether you’ve purchased or rented, several companies will have checked your credit rating and reviewed personal financial information. During the six months after a move, check your reports to assure that your address has been updated, and watch for inconsistencies that may indicate identity theft or fraud.

8. Update your voter registration.

A move may mean a new voting precinct, and you don’t want to miss out on casting a ballot.

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