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Keeping Your Belongings Safe While In Self Storage

One of the most convenient options available for Castro Valley moving and storage is temporarily placing household goods in self-storage units. This can be a very good solution when you’re in between homes, and need to move out of your current residence, but cannot yet move into the new one. It’s also a good way to handle things when you’re downsizing to a smaller place, and haven’t quite figured out what to do with everything. The fact that you have continuous access to your self-storage units and your furniture, as well as the affordability of storage, makes self-storage a very appealing option. But there’s just one catch – how do you keep all your goods safe while they’re being stored?

Evaluate the surroundings

Make sure you’re placing your possessions in a storage area which has a good track record for security, and where other clients have not suffered losses. Part of this assessment should include having the storage units situated in a relatively crime-free neighborhood, because criminal-minded people do consider storage units inviting targets.

Another aspect of your evaluation should involve the construction of the units themselves. If there’s any chance that moisture could get in on the floor, you’ll need to elevate your property above the floor, perhaps on pallets. When severe weather strikes, you’ll want to know that there is at least some level of protection for your belongings, because almost every area of the country does experience severe weather at some point in time. And lastly, are the units where you’re storing your goods climate-controlled?

Be aware of the characteristics of your stored goods

Will all of your belongings be capable of withstanding weeks or months of storage in the environment where you’ve placed them? Goods which are stored in plastic containers are usually fine for several months, but the same can’t be said for items which you’ve just stored in boxes, because they can be affected by temperature and humidity. Possessions made of metal might well sustain rust damage, if you aren’t periodically oiling or servicing them. Stacked items can easily be scratched and damaged, and any items which are forced to bear significant weight might become so compressed that when you retrieve them, they can’t be restored to their original condition.


If you have anything of real value being stored in your self-storage unit, it’s wise to have it insured. In addition to all the things which you can think of that might possibly go wrong, there are probably also a few things that you can’t think of which might happen. You don’t want to be caught unprepared, should something totally unanticipated go wrong, and severely damage or destroy something of value in your storage unit.

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