Tips for Packing up Your Kitchen before a Move
packing the kitchen

While household packing is generally a stressful ordeal, nothing brings more panic than the kitchen. What with all the breakables and food and delicate appliances like freezers, fridges and cookers. Making one wrong move can cause food poisoning, serious breakages and wasting a lot of food. However, there is a way one can pack up their kitchen for a move without having high blood pressure.

1. Eat all the perishable food

A week before the move, avoid ordering takeout and start cooking everything in the fridge. This is because after moving, the fridge should not be switched on immediately. Instead of wasting all that food, cook it for your family before the big day. If this is impossible, donate the leftovers to homeless people or have a barbeque. Switch off the fridge the day before to ensure all the ice is out of the freezer and no water will be dripping out of it during the move.

2. Plastic containers

If your moving company does not provide plastic containers, get some. Plastic bags will also help a great deal. Put all the food and spices in the pantry inside these bags or containers separately. Do not put two different items in the same bag. Seal the bags tightly to avoid leakages on the way. Anything that is in a jar doesn’t have to be bagged but ensure it’s tightly closed. Put the jars and cans in a box, seal the box and label it “perishables”.

3. Get boxes and bubble wrap

One of the things that really stress people is transporting plates, glasses, and cups without breaking them. This is where bubble wrap comes in. Separate every utensil with newspaper and fill bubble wrap in the boxes. Ensure the box carries to capacity but leave room for closing it. Packing peanuts will do but ensure every single utensil is wrapped nicely with newspaper. Seal the boxes with tape and label them, “delicates”. Dedicate one single box or bucket for steelware. Put your oven mitts and dish cloths first and then the spoons, knives and cradles. Know the same insulation on top of them before closing the box.

4. Prepare appliances

Most moving companies have safe places where they place the fridge and the cooker to reduce impact. If they don’t, use the boxes they came in and ensure they are labeled. Use small boxes and bubble wrap to pack all the small appliances like waffle makers, blender, water kettle and the rest. Pack each in its own box.

Moving the kitchen might be hard but with enough boxes, ample time and creativity it can be easier.

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