Unpacking tips.

moving tips
Congratulations! You’ve moved into your new Bay Area home, and you are ready to get settled. Your excitement may dim as you survey the sea of moving boxes, but don’t despair. Movers N Shakers offers these tips to unpack your belongings.

The Essentials

Hopefully you have a box or two marked “essentials” that you asked your Bay Area residential movers to set to one side. Unpack these first, since they should contain toilet paper, cleaning supplies, a can opener and a pan, scissors, hand and dish soap, trash bags, screwdriver and any other things you’ll need to put your home together.

The Kitchen

This is the heart of the home, and it contains what you need to keep everyone fueled and happy during the unpacking stage. Get appliances (large and small) hooked up and ready for use. Get food stuffs in the fridge, and then tackle cupboards and drawers.

The Bedrooms

Make sure everyone has a comfortable and familiar bed to sleep in as they adjust to their new surroundings. Put the beds together, and add clean linens, and you should be ready for a great night’s sleep.

The Bathrooms

You’ll want to clean them first and then hang shower curtain and towel rods. Next, unpack everything else, which should be easy.

The Living/Dining Rooms

Put the furniture together. Set up electronics and other entertainment, so you can entertain the kids or relax when the job gets overwhelming.

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moving tips