Kitchen packing tips.

Packing your kitchen

Packing your kitchen can be the most challenging part of your moving prep, because the room contains sharp knives, breakable dishes and sensitive appliances. The following tips can protect your breakables and your back.

Packing Supplies

  • Reinforced Boxes. Their thicker walls can help protect your dishes and handle their weight.
  • Bubble Wrap. In general, the more you use, the less breakage you’ll have. Plus, your kids will love dancing on the wrap during the unpacking phase!
  • Packing and Newspaper. Newspaper can leave permanent ink stains on your dishes. Wrap them in clean packing paper first, and then add a layer of newspaper for extra protection.

Packing Actions:

  • Prepare the Boxes. Reinforce the bottoms with extra layers of packing tape, and tape the sides as well for extra strength. Pad the insides with a layer of crumpled paper or bubble wrap.
  • Set Up a Packing Station. Use your kitchen table or island, and place a stack of packing paper on it.
  • Start Wrapping. Place a dish in the center of the stack, and pull a few sheets of paper over it. Pull from the corners to meet in the center of the dish. Tape if necessary.
  • Place Dishes and Utensils in Boxes. Put heavier plates on the bottom, and use layers of newspaper or bubble wrap to keep dishes from hitting together.
  • Finish the Boxes. Fill empty spaces with wads of newspaper or bubble wrap so nothing moves. Top with a layer of bubble wrap, and tape closed.
  • Mark Your Boxes. Write: KITCHEN DISHES (or glassware), HANDLE WITH CARE, and FRAGILE on at least three sides of the boxes, so you and the moving company will know where they belong in your new home.

Dishes are heavy, so keep box weights below 40 pounds to protect your back as well as your dishes.

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