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Moving Safely is Possible

For many people, COVID-19 temporarily put a hold on their plans for moving. They stayed at home according to official directives. Now, however, we have learned to adapt to precautionary procedures, and it is once again feasible and safe to relocate to be closer to relatives, pursue reignited dreams, or take advantage of low interest rates while buying a new home. If you are ready to move, Bay Area moving companies are ready to assist you. Here are some tips on how to move safely during the current pandemic.

Plan Ahead

At the best of times, moving should not be carried out in a rush. During the pandemic, things happen even more slowly, and you have to prepare for this. For instance, if you want to purchase supplies online to limit direct contact with others at stores, allow extra time for delivery. Book storage facilities well in advance, and remember that their hours of business may be limited. The movers that are still open may be busy too, so plan for this eventuality as well. Although some donation centers are operational, it is more difficult to get rid of items you no longer need. If you can’t donate your excess goods, consider advertising them as free giveaways on Craigslist or other online platforms.

Move on Your Own

One of your options is to implement a DIY move. This may be feasible if you have few possessions and the assistance of willing friends and neighbors. If people outside your household are helping you, be sure that everyone masks up and stays six feet apart. Instead of grabbing used boxes from retailers, though, invest in clean new boxes from outlets such as Home Depot or U-Haul.

Rent a Vehicle

If you need to rent a truck, you may be able to go through the application process remotely. Planning ahead is important here too, as companies may be operating for limited hours and require an appointment for pickup.

Hire Movers

You can get estimates and prepare paperwork from Bay Area moving and storage companies online. Before you fix a date with movers, find out about their safety procedures and whether any of their employees have contracted COVID-19. Clarify whether you can reschedule without penalty if you become ill.

Sanitize Your New Location

Moving into a new location gives you the opportunity to do a thorough cleaning and sanitizing. Disinfect all surfaces in your new home, and launder your pillows, rugs, and sofa cushions. While you are moving in, keep windows open, sanitize high-touch areas often, and have sanitizer, soap, and tissues readily available.

Looking for a Bay Area Moving Company?

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