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It’s rather pleasant finding out that a certain renovation project has increased the overall value of your house for much more than what you spent on the project. Many home improvements that you make to your house can help you increase your home’s market value and attract more buyers. But which projects offer the highest ROI?

Selling Your Home? Consider These Home Improvement Projects for the Best ROI

The following list are some of the most valuable home improvement projects:

The kitchen

Making home improvements to your kitchen is like giving your house a much-needed face lift, and the amount of value that you can add to your house can be significant. An added advantage of making home improvements to your kitchen is that the majority of the improvements are fairly economical, and you can increase the overall value of your house for a fairly low out-of-pocket cost.

Lighting, flooring, counter tops and plumbing fixtures

You can actually get a fairly big return on your investment by including modern touches to your house, such as:

  • Installing recessed lighting
  • Replacing sinks, faucets, drains, toilets and other plumbing fixtures such as modern shower heads
  • Replacing out-dated counter tops with new ones made of granite or quartz
  • Installing new flooring or tiles, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms


The biggest ROI you can get from home improvements is from those made to your bathrooms. Simply upgrading a half bathroom to a full bathroom, with the installation of a tub or shower, can raise your house’s value significantly. Make sure you replace outdated or old fixtures/mirrors, improve the lighting, install a new toilet, replace the sink and update the mirror(s). Some or all of those updates will greatly increase the market value of your home.

Exterior siding

Replacing the exterior siding of your house can also be a very good investment, and the ROI can rival that of improving your bathroom. You can actually install your exterior siding fairly easy, and you can receive as much as a 95.5% ROI if you do the installation yourself.

Interior painting

Painting the home’s interior not only adds new life to your house, but it will also increase the value of your home. Avoid painting with white, but use neutral colors that add a clean and vibrant feel to the home while complementing the interior design.

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