Bay Area residential relocation

Want to help the planet while you move?

It is said that house moving is the third most nerve-wracking task that comes immediately after divorce and death. Whether you are moving due to flash floods or job relocation, moving requires proper planning to avoid putting more strain on the environment. The use of certain cleaning products and dealing with unwanted households are a common footprint on our planet . In most cases, these wastes end up polluting the environment. However, the good news is that more eco-friendly moving options that have emerged with greener solutions making it easy to minimize the damage you have on the environment. If you want to go green when moving your house, then consider the tips below. For other tips, you can contact local Bay Area movers.

Plan and have your packaging materials handy

Research has shown that packaging is not only energy-demanding but also makes up about 17% of our carbon footprint. Millions of trees are cut to prepare cardboards every year, and this puts extensive strain on the environment. Consider re-using old ones or recycling packaging boxes, then you can reduce such degradation. Most Bay Area packing and moving companies have resorted to the use of cardboard boxes to make removals and moving hassle-free. The strategy helps to eliminate the need for waste and recycling.  Alternatively, you can reuse packaging materials for storage like it was intended initially. This makes it simple in case you’ll want to move again in future.

Clean in advance to reduce clutter

You’ll be shocked at how much waste will be left behind when you’ve moved your house regardless of how careful you might be. Lots of unwanted property ends up in in a landfill. It is worse when you are moving into a smaller space and have to dispose of unwanted items. Doing a house clearance before the actual move can help reduce the clutter. It will save you and the environment.

Go for green products

Planning helps to eliminate stress during the actual move. It is easy to get overwhelmed on the actual moving day, and the need to care for the environment might slowly drift away. It is best to clean your home in before moving and cleaning can be done in an eco-friendly manner. Try to emphasize on green cleaning products. The use of non-biodegradable chemicals can end up settling in rivers causing harm to plants and animals.

Are you planning a move?

If you are considering moving your house, Movers N’ Shakers is your trusted Bay Area residential moving company that is dedicated to making your move as green as possible. No move is too large or too small to cause environmental damage. We are the best packing and moving company in the Bay Area that provide custom moving solutions. Movers N’ Shakers is licensed and bonded to handle both interstate and long distance moving. Contact us at 877-797-4253 to request a moving quote and plan your move.