4 Tips for Moving and Packing in the Bay Area

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Unmarked boxes and disorganized, chaotic attempts to clean up can create nightmare logistics during a moving and packing operation. Avoid the stress by planning your move ahead of time.

There are several unique strategies you can use to manage your household packing and make your move as stress free as possible. Consider these four potent, battle-tested ideas:

Clear boxes. Put all your necessities in clear boxes. Packing and moving companies can identify the boxes you’ll need to reach first and place them appropriately. Remember to pack items like scissors, trash bags, and phone chargers in these boxes, both so you can easily track household essentials and so you can avoid losing items (or hurting yourself) during the unpacking process.

Use clear tape or baggies for small items. This strategy works well for anything you need to remove from the walls or dismantle. Place screws, nuts, and bolts in a bag or secure them inside two strips of tape and label them. Leave all packets either with the corresponding item or in your toolbox for easy access.

Always mark room placement on the box. Fill out a label that includes the room where contents should go and a description of the contents. Doing this will help your residential movers place your boxes in the right area. Place the label on the side of the box rather than on the top for easier visibility. Color code and use bright labels for added distinctiveness.

Pack plates vertically. Most people stack plates, but your dishes will be less likely to break if you place them in vertical rows. Remember that plates and bowls in aggregate can be quite heavy. Pack accordingly!

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