Here are a few reasons why fall may be the best time to buy a house:

purchasing a home in the fall
Summer and spring are usually the seasons to buy real estate, but you may want to hold back your purchase until fall comes. Although spring and summer are typically the most opportune times to buy real estate, fall may be just as good a time as summer. While cyclical trends in the real estate market may vary on things like mortgage interests and housing availability, the season also plays a part.

Sellers are eager to get the property off their hands

Some sellers who list their homes in the spring and summer months eager to take advantage of the rush for real estate may have asked for more than buyers are willing to spend. After months of waiting, they realize that they may have been a tad overconfident and are often willing to make a deal just to get the property off their hands. Rather than wait for six months for the prime season to come again, such sellers would rather settle for less.

There are tax breaks to benefit from

This is one of the reasons you may actually think twice about buying in the spring. Even though you cannot escape paying income tax, you can greatly reduce what you owe once you become a homeowner. Mortgage interest and property tax are two deductions that taken out of your yearly income can dent your tax bill quite significantly. This is even if you closed on your house in December. Any payments made before the closing of the loan are tax deductible which can reduce the amount you owe by a significant margin.

The competition is not as stiff

The general opinion is that fall is the off season for buying real estate. As such, there are not many people looking for houses at this time which is good for you if you start looking . Homes are always there for sale all year round and more often than not the inventory is just as packed as it was in spring and summer. This presents an opportune time for you to negotiate even better. Home buyers searching the market in fall should make low ball offers and follow it up with aggressive negotiations. At this time most sellers are eager to sell before the school winter break.

You have the agent’s full attention

Real estate agents a busy lot in the summer and spring months and may not have as much time for you as you want. Service providers coming out of the summertime boom in sales respond quicker to clients in the fall because there aren’t many left.

Moving into your new house

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