tips for residential relocating during the winter

Our Bay Area Moving Company Offers Tips for Choosing the Best Time to Move

Finding a new home isn’t always easy, but efforts and expenses can be made lighter by knowing the right timing. Discover why one season may be better than the other, its drawbacks, and why you need to factor in where you live when scouting houses in the market. Considering the cost of Bay Area residential moving companies changes with the seasons may factor in as well.

Spring and Summer: Choice vs. Competition and Cost

Most people consider making their move during spring or summertime. The warm weather and long days makes checking out neighborhoods, open-houses and potential apartments more convenient. Selections are vast, with real estate agents recommending the season as the best time to sell houses. However, you can expect to see a crowd since almost everyone has the same mindset in this season of searching and selling homes. It could also mean bidding against competition for the perfect home. Many will be demanding service from the best Bay Area packing and moving companies. Movers typically have higher rates with their packed schedules, rental truck costs, moving boxes and shipping fees that tend to go up relative to the temperature.

Fall and Winter: Great Bargain vs. A More Difficult Move

Market prices significantly drop during fall and winter seasons, giving buyers an advantage on negotiations and closing deals. The cold and chilly days make people want to stay inside and save as much as they could for the upcoming holidays. Landlords will often provide incentives during these slow months. Moving in can be a challenge with snow, rain and other inclement weather to deal with. You can get all the help you need from an experienced Bay Area residential moving company.

Why Your Current Situation Matters

The best time of year to make an offer or rent a new place ultimately lies on when you need to move and if you can afford the market price. As a renter, you wouldn’t want to be in a situation where the end of the week marks the termination of your lease contract. Neither will you want to simultaneously pay two mortgages if you’re a homeowner, so don’t be quick to jump into a bargain while you’re still waiting for an offer on your own property. If you can’t wait until the weather warms up to grab the best of many possible options, then take a look at the current offerings and negotiate a better deal than you might find in summer months. For those looking to live near campus, it’s best to search for a new place after graduation when students move on. Apartments will likely be filled months prior to the fall term, so exploring options now is not a bad idea. Do your research and your choice will pay off at the right time.

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