Things to Consider When Moving Your Business

long distance movers bay areaYou’ve got an entrepreneurial endeavor cooking, and you’re thrilled to see it coming to life! You’re researching packing and moving companies, so you can get situated here in the Bay Area and plant your flag as the next “to watch” California tech company.

But where, exactly, should you plant that flag?

The answer obviously depends on the details of your business. Many notable Bay Area success stories started in not-so-promising places. The now-worth-$100 billion Apple was born in a garage, of all places.

Here are some factors to consider:

  • Will you (and your company’s team) be able to afford living where you want to move?
  • Can you access support networks, easily connect with venture capitalists, and take advantage of an ecosystem tailored to startups? If you’re surrounded by people who have gone the entrepreneurial route before and succeeded, you’ll be much more likely to find mentors, partners, or even just inspiring speakers to help you establish your path and stay on it.
  • Should you set up your company in the middle of nowhere (for instance, for tax reasons)? This may be appealing because it sounds brave. But you could wind up fighting the entrepreneurial battle on your own, which can be a scary experience.
  • Can you draw upon a great talent pool, locally? If you’re starting a business in the middle of a desert, 60 miles away from the nearest good school system, you’ll have a hard time attracting the best and the brightest, no matter what perks you offer.

So where can you afford to launch your endeavor? Here are 5 Smart Places to Launch a Startup, according to Brazen Life’s December 2013 article:

  1. Seattle, WA
  2. Houston, TX
  3. Springfield, IL
  4. Cambridge, MA
  5. Silicon Valley, CA

No matter how near or far from these locations you currently live, this is where small startup companies are thriving. Consider hiring licensed Bay Area movers to get you safely from Point A to Point B.

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