Best Seasons for Residential or Office Relocation Services


Perhaps you’re researching residential moving companies in the Bay Area to game out an autumn move to Los Angeles because your wife just sold her first screenplay. Or maybe you’re exploring options for relocating your company to the Bay Area to attract a more diverse pool of talent. When should you schedule your move? This question is surprisingly tricky.

First off, ideally, plan your long distance moving for the off-season — the non-summer months. Also, try to move during the middle of the month, as opposed to the beginning or end of the month. You should get slightly lower prices, because fewer people move during this time.

The best season to move is winter, because most people are swamped by the holidays or just frozen out by the cold. Thanks to the reduced competition, you will likely be able to get better prices from professional movers.

However, if you have school age children, strike everything we’ve discussed so far! Consider moving at the end of the school year, so you won’t disrupt their education and create social problems caused by the sudden midyear transition.

Don’t sacrifice all of your comfort and sanity just to save on the move. And game out any calendar-related challenges. For instance, maybe your father is scheduled to go in for surgery 6 months from now, and you want to be available to help your mother in case she needs it.

Alternatively, maybe you have a big work project or trip around the corner. Tailor your move to be timed out appropriately.

Take the weather into consideration. If you are moving farther north, you might avoid the wetter and chillier winter months to make the logistics of the move less daunting.

Finally, recognize there is no perfect time to move. Don’t let concerns about cost or convenience deter you from making your transition. Consider calling the interstate moving and storage experts of the Bay Area here at Movers N Shakers for insight into how to make your move effective, fun and simple.

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