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Planning on Hiring Interstate Movers for the Bay Area Exodus?

You’re not alone. It seems that almost 82 percent of Bay Area renters are looking to call up long distance moving companies and relocate to other cities before they finally settle down.

This nationwide trend is marked by the fact that most of these individuals are in their 20s and 30s. Their intent isn’t really as much as settling down as it is for their jobs and for a more affordable living. About 63 percent of the people who are moving state that the high cost of living in the Bay Area is the primary reason why they want to leave.

But Where Are They Going?

LinkedIn has the answer to this one. A report states that the number of people looking to move to the Bay Area for work has significantly dropped about 17 percent from the months of February up to May, while other cities like Seattle has experienced a 2 percent rise during the same period.

In fact, the Bay Area tech population has moved on to cities such as Austin, TX, Portland, OR and Seattle, WA primarily due to the aforementioned cities having lower costs of living.

Rising rent and housing costs may be the primary reason for moving. The median price of a single family home in Bay Area has climbed up to a staggering $800,000 in April. Suffice to say, a huge chunk of your take home pay will be going to your rent or mortgage.

But this doesn’t mean that the Bay Area is losing its magic. Less than 1 percent of those who intend to move away from the Bay Area cite the weather as their primary reason. LinkedIn has stated that the Bay Area is still gaining a lot of ground in terms of gaining workers. The city is ranked 12, followed by Portland, Austin and Denver.

The Bay Area has been steadily gaining approximately 32 workers for every 10,000 members during the December 2016 period to January 2017. The numbers say that the economy in the Bay Area may have lost a bit of momentum, but overall it’s still doing really well.

Need To Relocate? Call The Bay Area Movers For Help

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