How to Unpack After a Move
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Unpacking can make packing and moving your belongings seem like the easy part of your move. You can feel lost in a surrounding of moving boxes and overwhelmed by all the work you have to do to put everything in order. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with some time-tested tips that will help make your unpacking easier and more organized.

Clean Your New Place First

Before you dig into your boxes, give the whole place a thorough cleaning. That way you won’t worry about having to clean up grime and dust under your belongings later. You can even have professional cleaners come in to help.

Unpack the Essentials

Most probably, you packed an essentials box containing items that you’ll certainly need for the next couple of days such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, toilet paper, and several changes of clothes. Unpack this box first and keep the items in an appropriate location that’s easily accessible.

Set Up Your Kitchen

When it comes to unpacking rooms, your focus should be on creating a home where you can properly eat, bathe, and sleep. That’s why the kitchen should be among the first rooms you take care of. Your priority should be unpacking for function. Hook up all the major kitchen appliances like the fridge and cooker, as well as the smaller ones that can make your life easier such as the coffee maker. Only unpack what you need such as a few utensils, dishes, and glassware. You can completely organize your kitchen in the next few days after you’ve unpacked the rest of the house.

Next In Line Is the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the easiest, if not the easiest, rooms to unpack. After making sure it’s clean and sparkling, stock it with essential items like a shower curtain, soap, and towels.

Unpack Your Bedroom

For you to go through another day of unpacking and organizing your new home, you’ll need to get a good night’s sleep. For that reason, start by assembling your beds and unpacking sheets, blankets, and pillows. Assemble your bedroom furniture and arrange clothes that you often wear. You can organize the rest of your clothes and decoration little by little. If you arrive at your new home late and extremely exhausted, you can just unpack a mattress, blanket, and pillow and enjoy a restful sleep on the floor.

Move to the Living Room

In the living room, begin by unpacking your coffee table and couch. You can also set up the TV and all its peripherals or leave that for later. Arrange other living room furniture later.

Unpack Your Garage, Storage, and Outdoor Spaces Last

These spaces can be unpacked last because most items placed there aren’t essential.

Don’t Extend!

You shouldn’t take months to unpack your belongings after a move. Remember the more the time you take to unpack, the harder it will be for you to adjust to your new place.

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