Here are a few tips that can really help you in maximizing your Bay Area home storage;

how to maximize your homes space

Whether you are living in a small house or a big mansion, there is always the need for one thing; space. In big houses, owners will feel the urge to fill their living room with furniture, artifacts and portraits to name a few. In the end, they may end up reducing space in the house. In small houses however, the owners do not have much choice here; they have to maximize the small space they have and avoid piling everything around. In the long term, everybody wants a spacious house.
1. Utilize that space underneath the staircase

You can fill it with items of less urgency. They can be toys, used shoes, decorations or extra cable wires. Put them in small cartons and neatly arrange them on top of each other.

2. Implement the use of drawers

Drawers can help you put items of sight, creating a spacious illusion around the house. Out of sight, out of mind, right? The main idea is to keep as many things out of the way as possible.

3. Use shelves

Use shelves to arrange items like books, utensils or cutlery. Not only do they save you a lot of space but they also give your house an organized look.

4. Instead of walls, go for room dividers

Walls eat up a lot of space in terms of width; the trick here is to avoid putting walls almost everywhere. Use wall dividers instead; they create more visibility from room to room and in the long run give you extra space.

5. Use curtains if privacy is needed

Just like room dividers, curtains can also come in handy in saving you plenty of space. Where privacy is needed, you can opt to use a curtain.

6. Go for low-sitting furniture

Low-sitting furniture doesn’t only look good but also creates a vertical visual illusion and makes your house look spacious.

7. Avoid the use of closets

Closets eat up a lot of room space. Good news is, you can go for a better approach that may also beautify your bedroom. Why don’t you use hangers instead of closets and let people see your style of fashion in the open? Your room ends looking even better.

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