Renting is an Easy Sell For Long Distance Movers Leaving the Bay Area


You have closed on your new home, and the moving company has unpacked your belongings. The dog is yipping around the new rooms, and the kids are already out playing in the yard. It’s all very exciting! The only problem remaining is… your current house hasn’t sold. Yikes. What should you do?

Before you panic and run to the bank (or your family) to bail you out while you pay double for housing for the indefinite future, stop and take a breath. There are solutions. For instance, renting your property can let you earn some cash or even cover the whole second mortgage while you wait for the right buyer. Limit your liability, and protect yourself during the rental process by following these tips:

  1. Clean your house thoroughly, and make sure all appliances work, as you move also be sure the movers and packers are careful not to damage any walls or stain carpets which could take away from your rental income.
  2. Review the market, and set a competitive rent for your home.
  3. Carefully screen your renters, and make a list of issues that you would consider deal-breakers: for instance, pets, smoking or other nuisance behaviors. Check references, and run a credit check to confirm that potential renters can and will pay the rent on time.
  4. Purchase rental insurance for the house to address coverage needs specific to the rental process.
  5. Document the condition of your home using time-stamped video. Keep a copy, and give one to a family member or close friend to show the pre-rental state of the house.
  6. Draft a rental agreement that specifically defines your responsibilities and those of the tenant. Include the right to a walk-through with 24-hour notice, and exercise that right on occasion so the tenants know that you are keeping an eye on your property.
  7. Hire a professional rental property management company if needed. This can be a smart choice if you are moving out of the area and if you won’t be available to maintain the property or monitor the renters.

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