A few items to consider moving to long term storage
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You are constantly getting new items in your house. It could be a new wardrobe, a cupboard or a new television set. Your house will most likely run out of space if the old items are not moved out. If you do not want to lose any of the old items, you should find a way of safely storing them so that you can use them in future. A great way to save space in your house is to relocate certain items to long term storage.

Here are a few items to consider moving to long term storage:

Clothing for special occasions

Free up some space in your house by moving clothes only used for special occasions such as wedding gowns and funeral attires. It makes sense since you won’t need them anytime soon. Ensure their storage packages are free of moisture and dust particles.

Luggage for traveling

If you don’t travel often, suitcases and large bags should be relocated to long term storage to de-clutter your house. You can always retrieve them whenever you need to visit some far-away place.

Seasonal clothing

Clothes for holidays, summer or winter should not unnecessarily occupy space in your house since they are used during a certain time a year. Wash and dry them out well before hanging them in the long term storage container.


Sometimes you wish to get a new set of furniture but don’t want to lose the old sets. It can be quite painful throwing them away because they cost you a fortune to acquire back in the day. Your choice is limited since there is hardly any space left in your house. Consider moving them into storage.

Holiday decorations

Christmas trees, Halloween decorations, plastic flowers and any other decorations you only use on special occasions should not always occupy space in your house. You can save some space for another commonly used item by moving them to a long term storage facility near you.

Children’s items

You probably have some items that your children will only use when they grow up – which may be a few years away. Such items include beds, shoes, sentimental items and some toys among many others. Other baby items that are no longer in use, like baby cribs, should also be moved out of the house to create space.

We realize that space is an essential item in your house and you need as much of it as possible. To create space, you need to relocate your items into long-term storage.

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