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Why are so many people leaving California?

California has for many years been considered an ideal place to reside. Although California may be rich in terms of traditions, cultures, and local attractions; but, the state isn’t perfect. Irrespective of having so many picturesque beaches and harmonious communities, many long time residents are choosing leave the sunshine state in order to settle in a better, safer, and more economic region of the country. Let’s take a look at the top reasons why. It may have you researching Bay Area movers soon.

  1. Exorbitant Housing Prices


The housing prices of California are excessively high. In fact, the average Californian home value is approximately half a million dollars. Obviously, the middle-class folks who are engaged in the professions like public service, retail work, and teaching can’t manage the exorbitant housing prices anymore. On top of that, the state has a shortage of residential homes as the construction of new apartments is being hindered by local laws and regulations. This is one of the reasons people are choosing to relocate to an another more economic state.


  1. Lack of Business Opportunities


California is one of the worst states for businesses. Due to the stringent taxation system, unfavorable regulations, and workforce quality, many renowned corporations have already shifted their headquarters to other states. Consequently, the employment rate has been highly affected.


  1. Enormous Cost of Living


Apart from having exorbitant housing prices, the general cost of living in California is quite high. Starting from electricity and water supply to trash collection and gas, the cost of living is relatively higher than other US states. Plus, the overall traffic is way more than other states and that results in higher commute times and more commuting expense.


  1. Increasing Tax Rate


The tax rate system in California is the highest in the entire nation. California income tax rate for both businesses and individuals is unreasonable and outrageously high. The unfavorable tax rate system is one of the main reasons people have already started calling long distance movers and are relocating to other states.


  1. Safety


The crime rate in California is significantly higher which is a primary concern when it comes to safety and security of the California residents. The ever-increasing illegal immigration has a tremendous impact on this situation. In California, the homeless population is also constantly increasing. Apart from that, the illegal drug industry of Mexico (that’s slowly moving across the borders of California) has made some local cities an unsafe and dangerous place to reside.


These are five of the top reasons many people are choosing to find another state to reside in. Are you now planning to relocate to a safer, better, more economic, and peaceful place? If yes, then contact Movers N Shakers, a trusted San Francisco and Oakland moving company


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