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Looking to Move to San Francisco?

San Francisco is known for its high rents.  The median rent for a single bedroom apartment is estimated to be over $3,600. If that figure makes your jaw drop, you should also consider that the median income in SF is higher than most areas. To find affordable housing, shop by neighborhood where the rent is lower, relative to the average salary in the Bay Area. Palo Alto movers can make the transition much easier. Here are five neighborhoods that you should check out.

Glen Park

The rents in Glen Park are decreasing. It’s got its own Bart Station, which makes it convenient to get into the city. You can enjoy nature within the city limits at Glen Park Canyon. The city has a lot of local culture and charm.

Inner Richmond

This district has a multicultural makeup of Russian restaurants, Irish pubs and dim sum joints, giving residents many options for dinner. It’s close to Golden Gate Park, the Japanese Tea Garden and Conservatory of Flowers. It’s a great residential area with rents about $600 lower or more than the median average.

Haight- Ashbury

This neighborhood was made famous in the 1960s by the Hippie movement. It still has a historic vibe that is eclectic and colorful. You’ll find dozens of quaint boutiques and casual restaurants. Rent has stayed pretty stable over the past year and it’s lower than the median average of the area.


This district has some of the lowest rents in the SF area. Although its known for its seedy side, it does have some great nightlife ranging from casual, trendy to upscale. It’s close to downtown and Nob Hill. You’ll be right in the center of the city without the high-priced rent. Let a moving company in Hayward get you settled in to your new apartment by helping you move.

Outer Sunset

As one of the top three most affordable places to live in the Bay Area, Outer Sunset is seeing a decrease in rent prices even though its still pretty close to Ocean Beach and Golden Gate Park. You’ll enjoy cooler temperatures and lots of fog, but when the weather permits, you can enjoy surfing or go to the Zoo, which is one of the local attractions. Summers are mild, so you can stay cool all year long.

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