Common Things Long Distance Movers and Packers Forget


Our long distance packing and moving company knows that long distance moves are stressful for our clients. Even with the help of an outstanding long distance moving company there’s a lot of things that can go wrong, or stress you out once you get to the new home, if you fail to plan ahead. Check out 10 all-too-commonly-forgotten things about moving across country and beyond.


  • Your delivery window may be as many as 20 business days after you arrive at your new home. This isn’t necessarily the time frame it takes the team at Movers N Shakers, but an industry average. Individuals or families who are moving long distance should bring enough clothes, toiletries, and other necessities to keep everyone happy until the truck arrives.
  • Long distance moving companies may load and unload your boxes on the truck several times before you see them again, so fully pack the boxes so items won’t shift. This isn’t always the case, but sometimes another family’s boxes may be packed on the same truck, and efficient loading is essential for a balanced load that won’t move around the truck during transport.
  • Pack specific boxes of things you will need as soon as you arrive, such as pots and pans, and mark them accordingly. You can even request that these boxes are packed last to make them the first boxes off the moving truck.
  • Check outdoor furniture and toys for potential insect infestations, such as spider sacks, gypsy moths, and other invasive pests to avoid unpleasant surprises while unpacking at the new home. It’s also critical for preventing the spread of invasive and destructive insect species across state lines.
  • Write your name on each box and color-code the boxes to make unpacking easier. At the very least, note the room your boxes belong in and a general description of what is inside, which makes finding what you’re looking for a whole lot easier.


  • Make sure your family and pets have a place to stay the night of the move. For pet-friendly accommodations you can look here:
  • Make arrangements for childcare and pet sitting the day of the move at both your old and new homes to keep everyone safe and happy.
  • Know what the parking situation is at both ends of the move to avoid last minute scrambles for a parking space and ensure that your moving company will have a convenient place to park and load/unload the moving truck.

Stopping and Starting Services

  • Schedule utilities to be turned off two days after you move out and to be turned on two days before you move in to avoid packing or unpacking in the dark.
  • Arrange for school transfers, and set up childcare interviews before you leave your old home so you can address these issues upon arrival to your new home.

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