Best Places to Retire in 2018

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Most retirees have one distinct advantage that most others do not – they can afford to move to a place that provides a higher quality of life at a lesser cost. The challenge is, however, actually finding a place that fits into your idea of the perfect retirement destination. Worry not; our Bay Area long distance movers discuss the top locations for retirees. (more…)

Best Cities For Singles To Relocate To

Miami is a top relocation choice for singles

If you’re single and ready to mingle, plenty of cities in America are perfect for your lifestyle. Most of the singles-friendly cities have a liberal outlook towards living, and happen to be places where you can do your own thing without being judged. No, it’s not just about The Big Apple; there are plenty of places you can relocate to and live out your dreams.

So where are they? Our Bay Area movers list the top 5 cities for singles!

Top 5 Cities for Single People


1. New Orleans

Voted the best city to live in for singles in 2015, New Orleans still holds a special place in our heart. This place has everything! From the
best bars to extravagant festivals; from art galleries to wild weekend events – you and your buddies will never fall short of options. Don’t have anyone to hang out with? Strike a conversation with the locals and see how friendly they are.

2. Miami

What can we say about Miami? Everybody knows about the beautiful people, lavish nightclubs, and the beaches that are infamous
throughout the world. The more we talk about Miami, the lesser it will be because the opportunities for fun and exploration are endless. While the locals are not as enthusiastic as New Orleans, you can still find a buddy or soulmate during your stay.

3. Houston

This smart and stylish city was among the top five cities for singles in 2016 and 2017, and for all the right reasons. The locals are friendly, the barbecue scene is exciting, and everything related to arts and culture is world class. If you are new in town, just head over to one of the many pubs to enjoy some fine drinks – we’re sure you’ll find some friends along the way.

4. Atlanta

The hub of Georgia has some of the smartest residences ever and offers plenty of activities for singles. You’ll also find some of the best-made cheeseburgers here, often served on home-made buns that taste delicious. Other attractions include fancy nightclubs, eclectic art scenes, and some of the finest eateries in the world.

5. Las Vegas

“What happens in Vegas – stays in Vegas” may apply to you, literally, if you move to this Mojave Desert paradise as a single. From the world’s best casinos to the most expensive nightclubs, this city is one big party! Even more so if you have extra disposable income. It’s easy to spoil yourself in Las Vegas, and why shouldn’t you? You’re single, after all.

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